Thursday, February 3, 2011

Affirmation for Change, Abundance and Rebirthing


What I have written here is called an affirmative prayer, which concentrates on the positivity and declaration that what you desire is already manifested. Countless times you have heard that our thoughts make our reality..and it is so!

That is why hypnosis is so vital. It is a method of tapping into our intuition, or the higher self mind if you will. Hypnosis is a perfectly nature and scientifically proven modality to assist you, medically, emotionally, energically (spiritually).

Our body listens to our words and follows direction, so it is important to monitor and reteach yourself how to speak in a positive manner. The universal energy is neutral. It responses to our deepest thoughts, desires and intents.

Have you wondered sometimes, that while saying affirmative statements time and again not achieving your desires results? Think on this for a moment. You write out your desire, repeat it endlessly until it may even become a mantra, but in between those times, negativity seeps through....perhaps out of habit. Example. You declare: I am abundant! Then you may say, "Oh, I don't have any money to buy that." "I can't afford ____." Another, "I want a relationship", then you may say something like, "Men (women) don't treat me nice, they are stupid...have no clue...etc.", see what I mean? You negate what you are declaring for your good and canceling out the energy of your intent. The universe was created to support you in any way that you need. Yes, really! So, monitor your thoughts for the next three days and catch yourself when you say something contrary to your desire. You may be surprised.

We each have the innate ability to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit. We just have to guide ourselves back to our original state. That is what I do. I like to call myself a facilitator of the subconscious mind, guiding and redirecting you through your conscious mind to help to eliminate negative thoughts, belief systems, trauma...etc., that hinder your progress to live a life worth living, to fully express yourself through happiness to be a fully realized human being. Read that again...A life worth living, to fully express yourself through happiness, to be a fully realized human being. This is NOW, not some philosophy that promises this in the future..your future is now.

Read this daily or as often during the day as you can, develop the habit of positive thinking which translates into positive living. You deserve it. You are worth it. You really are magnificent!

You may copy this and use this as a daily affirmation. A gift. Feel free to revise some of the words that fits you better, I use spirit, perhaps you have another word for the energy of the universe.

I ask that if you use it anywhere that you do include my name, etc.



Today is the day that all things happen for my highest good

Right now, the universe is over flowing with abundant blessings directed specifically for me.

The right people, circumstances and everything I need is coming my way because I believe it and declare it with the passion of my deepest desire.

As I move forward in knowing that I am a unique spark in the universal consciousness,

My life is transforming, pushing forward, birthing, propelling in concert with the natural forces that I am harnessing, the energies of the moment.

I release my word into the law of attraction and call it done.

It is as I say that it is.

I am Peace in every step

I am Relaxed, feeling very comfortable in my body.

I am Moving with the Flow of The Force

I am enjoying the pleasures of friendships, family and colleagues

I am absolutely joyful in every thing I do

I receive and accept with grace all good things.

I am content and fulfilled.

I am enjoying everything I do with peace and harmony

I am the music and the song of life and laughter

I am Self Assured

I am Clarity of Mind

I am Love in Action

I am Blessed with each and every breath

I am Gratitude

I am that I am.

Spirit is all there is. Spirit is my total source of supply.

Divine consciousness is in every place and every place,

there is no where Divine Consciousness is not.

Every cell, atom, microcosmic star dust within and around me dances

with healing on every level.

I am, whole, healthy and complete.

© Pamela "JADE" Scott


February 2, 1011

JADE is a Registered Nurse, Master Hypnotist, RN Health Coach and Life Coach, You can contact her via or through Face book, HYPNOJADE JADE Scott. Available to travel for high profile clients, to speak at your event or to conduct workshops.

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