Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Op Dental Surgery~Combating Infection~Using HYPNOSIS

Just two days post op from dental surgery with bone grafts, I woke up with my face more swollen then the day before with my mouth bleeding. I immediately went to get my oregano infused oil to cleanse my mouth and do a process called "oil pulling".
Oil pulling? Say what????

Oil pulling, I found out, is an "ancient" Ayruvedic Method of cleansing the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth is attracted to oil. So,I make and use an infusion that I use for gum care. I started with coconut oil, but went to olive oil, since I love to make infusions.
Oregano is bactericidal with antispasmodic qualities that help to synergize its wonderful antiseptic powers This is used often for natural treatment of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, candidiasis, colds, cold sores, diarrhea, the flu, gastritis, psoriasis, sinusitis and dozens of others. I am currently using oil of oregano capsules for digestion and prophylactically for candidia (since my doctor refuses to test for it).

To use it for gum care on a regular basis, it pulls out bacteria, and "tarter" also breaks down. When I first tried this a few months ago, I felt like I just got my teeth cleaned like I do when I go to the dental hygienist! My business associate, Dr, Hugh Cole, of Healthy, Helpful Hypnosis, told me his experience with chronic mouth infections being cleared up dramatically with no further return, so I started this myself. Shortly after, I met a woman who worked in the supplement department of a well known national "health food store", who was having the same issues and fearful she would loose her teeth. I suggested two things, my mantra question, "What is your Vit D level? FIND OUT!.. and using this method. She was only doing it for a week, when she went to her dental hygienist who asked her what she was doing differently, when she told her she was doing this oil pulling she said, "Ok..never heard of it, but keep doing it because your gums are looking great! She was ecstatic with hope and promised to continue, as well as following through with what her vit D level was and monitoring that.

So, the post op surgical instructions I given were, swish and spit warm salt water. Why, because the concept is that the salt pulls out the debris in and around the site...however, bacteria is more attracted to oil. So, my first thought was to oil pull. Besides, using the salt water didn't seem to have a noticeable effect. BUT, the oil pulling was immediate! Bleeding stopped, swelling down with refreshing clean mouth. Wow! Oh by the way, after you cleanse your mouth, the oil becomes hazardous material, so don't spit in the sink, spit in the commode! Try this daily, even once out of curiosity see the changes in your dental hygiene! The oregano is refreshing. And yes, you DO get used to having oil in your mouth.

You can purchase Oil of Oregano and put it in your oil, or make your own which is cheaper and makes me feel a bit of the herbal witch to make my own. To make this "cold infusion" as a "swish and spit". I put dried organic oregano leaves in a small jar, pour olive oil and let the oil and oregano merge for several days. The longer it sits, the stronger the oregano flavor. After a week, I strain the oil and discard the leaves.

The KISSnotist

HYPNOSIS and Dental Procedures:
Did you know that hypnosis can help in every area of dental and surgical procedures? You can eliminate any phobia surrounding these issues, such as fear of needles, the dentist, past traumas associated with dental and other health procedures, the sounds and smells associated with the procedure, conversations overheard by the dentist or staff,or de-sensitize to use less medication, manage and control pain like symptoms, and even have no feelings whatsoever about any of those experiences! HEALTHY, HELPFUL HYPNOSIS is a safe and easy way to take complete control of your life and circumstances to achieve anything you desire, and everyone wants that type of control!
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  1. HI Jade,
    This is frstyfrolk but my blog is ByLightOfMoon, (a little crazy for me). I am so sorry about your dental surgery but it sounds like you have wonderful ideas! My husband is also having deep planing surgery and extraction yesterday also. He took his MP3 player with headphones to listen to music and that helped. The follow-up you suggest sounds wondeful. I will have him read your post also.

    My grand-dog has (Had) a huge tumor on his head and we thought about a month ago we had him for his last day. Then my son-in-law started him on MSN powder in his food and (WOWOWO) , he is a different dog today. The vet was just amazed how well he has done. HE is 11years old and we know an older dog but any more days with him is joyuous! We love him so much!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  2. Hi Jade....the oregano oil sounds very interesting...I tend to have bleeding gums and my wife has just undergone dental surgery. I will try the treatments and see how it goes....thanks!